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Orbiting the Ghost Planet
#28: S03E02 - $20.01 (Download Mp3) (music)

We return to the Ghost Planet after a bit of an absence to tackle one of our most anticipated episodes! It's a real barn burner!

Posted on 18 Dec 2016

Orbiting the Ghost Planet
#27: In Memoriam of C. Martin Croker (Download Mp3)

It hurts in a way that is hard to put into words.

Posted on 25 Sep 2016

No Credit Continue
#9: NCCDX - Enter The Gungeon and Nuclear Throne (Download Mp3) (music)

In this special Some Credit Continue episode, Nick feels it's his duty to clear the air on the common but undue comparisons being made between these games in the wake of Enter the Gungeon's release.

- Enter the Gungeon homepage
- Nuclear Throne homepage
(Both sites have links to the various storefronts the games are available on.)

Posted on 17 Apr 2016

Orbiting the Ghost Planet
#26: S03E01 - Explode (Download Mp3)

The season begins the sort of energy that can only come from a visit with a member of Monty Python, and leads us to wonder why it is that we and everyone we grew up with can recite skits and gags that none of us ever really understood the humor of.

Posted on 10 Apr 2016

Orbiting the Ghost Planet
#25: Cartoon Planet (Download Mp3)

A spin-off show on a spin-off planet. It strikes a fine balance between skit-based variety show entertainment and the nonsensical ravings of a homeless man yelling on a street corner.

Posted on 31 Jan 2016
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